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Recent excavations of London have uncovered a very small body of printed materials, believed to date to the reign of Elizabeth I. Among these materials are two documents that appear to be some draft pages from Shakespeare's plays Twelfth Night and King Lear, early revisions to two of his known sonnets, and the following poem. The numbering of this poem as "Sonnet 486" has filled the literary world with wild hope that even more such works shall be uncovered as the excavations continue.

What is most interesting are additional clues to the identity of Shakespeare's "Dark Lady". Several of the draft play pages contain notes in a female hand, annotated "TD". In addition, the subtitle to Sonnet 486 translates into English as "Techdragon Conquers Love". This has led many scholars to assume that "Techdragon" was term of endearment used by Shakespeare to refer to his secret lover.

These clues do not lead us any closer to an actual name of the Bard's mysterious muse. However, they certainly add subtle shades to the nature of their relationship.

Sonnet 486
Technedrakus vincit amor

Please snuff the candle from our chamber, dear
And let us seek the sights beyond our eyes
For truest visions come from dark'nd fears
As when we banish vision's scand'lous lies

I need no light, I find by heat the thighs
That round my trunk shall hold me to the ground
Releasing not my spirit with our cries
A dragonfly within your amber bound

Until with morning's dawn shall we be found
Apollo shamed to burn us with his light
The Earth shall spin the other way around
To give us yet more hours in the night

Immune was I to Cupid's barbed dart
But swiftly felled by Techne's gentl'st art

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